Artificial Intelligence and Distributed Computing (AIDC)

Program profile


The aim of the program is to provide:

  • a perspective on different areas of theoretical and applied artificial intelligence
  • knowledge on machine learning models and the design of efficient and robust intelligent systems
  • knowledge on automated reasoning and formal models used in software modelling and verification
  • knowledge on cloud technologies and platforms
  • skills in implementing and using distributed and parallel algorithms in a wide range of application areas

Who can apply?
The target group consists of graduates in Computer Science, Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Computer Engineering, Information Technology, as well as other scientific or engineering programs.

What topics are studied?

  • Operational Research and Optimization, Machine Learning, Metaheuristic Algorithms
  • Automated Reasoning, Term Rewriting, Special Topics in Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms Modelling and Verification
  • Data Analysis, Data Mining, Computer Vision
  • Multi-agent Systems, Distributed Systems, Workflow Technologies, Parallel Computing, Big Data Technologies

Career opportunities
The graduates can apply for various positions in IT companies, in education or research:

  • AI Data Analyst/ AI Engineer
  • Cloud Software Developer/ Cloud Engineer
  • Data Science Analyst
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Academic/Industry Researcher

Academic curriculum

Academic curriculum– Year I

Course descriptions