University year 2022-2023

Cyberhack @ UVT

On June 12-13 at UVT we want to organize a Hackathon at UVT, a CTF (Capture The Flag) cybersecurity competition where participants have to solve a variety of security related tasks. It involves tasks in various categories such as Binary Exploitation, Reverse Engineering, Web Exploitation, Cryptography, Blockchain, … and is aimed at high school students grades 9-12 with whom will mentor students from the Master of Cyber Security at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science UVT.
Please register by 31 May so that we can organise the necessary technical equipment,
Thank you,
UVT team.

Stefan Mărușter Computer Science Contest (CISM) – Programming Section – 29 October 2022

University year 2021-2022

IT Fest - Competitions

Hackathon – 13 November – start time : 9:00 – Link form
Algorithmic – 14 November – start time: 9:00 – Link form
CTF – 14 November – start time: 17:00 – Link form

Details of the competitions are available at

Cloudflight Coding Contest (CCC)

Cloudflight Coding Contest, one of the largest coding competitions in Europe, will take place again on 5 November 2021, in an online-only edition for participating cities in Romania. In addition to the already established #school CCC (dedicated exclusively to students) and #classic CCC (dedicated to students, but also to any professionals in the field), a new Artificial Intelligence challenge makes its debut this year. As before, both team and individual participation is allowed.

For more details about the organisation and to register for the Timisoara location (online), visit the official website.

We also recommend to follow the Facebook page of the event.

To learn more about the #AI challenge, watch this video:

Also, on the contest’s instagram account, a giveaway with cool prizes is in full swing. Find out how you can participate – here.

Stefan Mărușter Computer Science Contest (CISM)

“Stefan Mărușter” Informatics Contest (CISM) aims to increase the interest and skills of computer science, computing and information technology students from universities in Romania and neighbouring countries, as well as students passionate about computer science, in solving algorithmic problems and developing programming skills, teamwork and competitive spirit. Another objective is to stimulate the students’ interest in research work, which will take the form of a scientific communication session.
The competition has three sections and the following forms (depending on the option) must be completed in order to participate:

Robotics/programming competition for pupils and students

The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science in collaboration with the Romanian Society for Cultural Astronomy (SRPAC) organizes for the first time at the Ioan Curea Astronomy Contest a robotics and programming challenge. Amateurs, pupils or students can participate in teams of up to 4 people, solving the theme proposed by the organisers.

More details on the website:


15 April – challenge launch.
30 June – deadline for team registration.
15 September – Robot prototype with sensors installed and working (or simulation in Unity).
1 October – deadline for submission of demonstration videos of the two scenarios. Based on them, the teams that will participate in the final of the second edition of the Ioan Curea practical astronomy contest will be selected. Jurors have the right to ask for clarification on the implementation of the robot at this stage.
15 October – selection of finalists.
9 November – the final of the Ioan Curea observational astronomy competition in Timisoara. Competitors will have to demonstrate the operation of the robot/application for 2 hours in various environments (light, dark) without a power supply in the area (socket). The robot that lasts the longest, implements the most functionality and has the fastest reaction time is the winner.

ONIS 2019 - FMI Timisoara

On 12-14 April 2019 we hosted the National Student Informatics Olympiad, ONIS 2019.
37 teams participated and students had to solve 11 problems in 5 hours.
UVT teams achieved the following results:
CodeBreakers (Rochian Vlad-Mihai, Mafteiu-Scai Roxana, Beles Damian-Theodor)
2nd place with 9 problems solved

Leustean (Botici Alexandru, Colca Robert, Simofi Robert)
6 problems solved

TD3 (Gatina Claudiu, Arambasa Vlad) and LilProg (Oanea Darius, Muthi Razvan, Babuc Diogen)
5 problems solved

ACM Bucharest Competition

Congratulations to the CodeBreakers team of students Damian Beles, Roxana Mafteiu-Scai and Vlad Rochian who won the bronze medal at the South-East Europe regional stage of the ACM programming competition. The UVT team, coached by lect.dr. Liviu-Octavian Mafteiu-Scai ranked 10th in the regional ranking (out of 88 participating teams) and third among the teams representing Romanian universities.

At the national stage of the ACM competition held in Bucharest on 27-28 September the FMI teams obtained the following results:
4th place:
CodeBreakers team with 6/9 problems solved:
Rochian Vlad Mihai (IE1)
Mafteiu-Scai Roxana (IE1)
Beles Damian (IR1)

ACM competition Timisoara stage

On Saturday 12 May, the ACM ICPC Timisoara programming competition took place in which 7 teams from UVT participated, 3 of which solved at least 3 problems out of the 9 provided, thus qualifying for the national stage.
The 3 teams, consisting only of first year students, are as follows:

CodeBreakers team with 5 problems solved:
Rochian Vlad Mihai (IE1)
Mafteiu-Scai Roxana (IE1)
Beles Damian (IR1)

Team Leustean with 3 problems solved:
Colca Robert (IR1)
Botici Alexandru (IR1)
Simofi Robert (IR1)

Team LilProg with 3 problems solved:
Stoin Razvan (IE1)
Muthi Razvan (IA1)
Oanea Darius-George (IA1)

Final results can be found at:

CATALYST competition

On 27 April 2018, a new edition of the largest programming competition in German-speaking countries took place. The competition, aimed at pupils, students and graduates, took place simultaneously in 37 locations (in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Moldova, Serbia, Spain, Romania, Ukraine, Hungary and South Africa) and the total number of participants was 3000. In Romania the competition was hosted in 5 locations (Bucharest, Cluj Napoca, Craiova, Iași and Timișoara).

In Timișoara 65 competitors participated, most of them being students from high schools in Timișoara (Colegiul National Bănățean, Colegiul C.D. Loga, Liceul Grigore Moisil) and students from Politehnica University and West University of Timișoara. Prizes 1 and 2 were won by participants affiliated to Politehnica University and West University of Timisoara respectively.

Details of the competition can be found at: