Morita equivalence for singular foliations

Între 3 si 7 iulie primim vizita lui Alfonso Garmendia, proaspăt doctor în matematici al universității din Leuven.
Țara sa de origine e Venezuela.
Ne va prezenta rezultatele din teza sa de doctorat în data de 4 iulie, joi, ora 16, sala 130.
Quotient spaces present a problem in differential geometry, given that usually quotients of manifolds are not smooth. One way to deal with this problem is using Lie groupoids. Nevertheless, a quotient space behaves different depending on which groupoid you decide to model it. Morally speaking, groupoids that are Morita equivalent give the same smooth behavior in their respective quotient space. A natural example of quotient spaces are the ones given by a singular foliation on a manifold. In this case we have a canonical groupoid to model it, the holonomy groupoid. This talk uses quotient spaces and group actions to motivate the definition of groupoids. It explains the construction of the Holonomy groupoid of a singular foliation and discusses the definition of Morita equivalence for singular foliations.

Grassmannians through the mirror

Konstanze Rietsch de la King's College London
va ține marți 21 mai in sala 130 începand cu ora 11
o prelegere cu titlul
"Grassmannians through the mirror"
in colaborare cu Lauren Williams de la Universitatea Harvard

Riemannian metrics on Shape spaces of curves and surfaces

Abstract: We will explain different procedures that can be used to define a Riemannian metric on a Shape space of curves and surfaces. The particularities of the infinite-dimensional context will be presented, as well as concret examples illustrated by numerics.
Alice Barbara Tumpach - Lille University
Date: 15th April 2019
Hour: 10:00
Location: room 130

Conferinţă ştiinţifică (Seminarul de Analiză Funcţională): Profesor Gelu Popescu (San Antonio, Texas, SUA), 10.05.2019, ora 10:00

Eveniment ştiinţific
Seminarul de Analiză Funcţională anunţă conferinţa cu titlul

"Invariant subspaces and operator model theory on noncommutative varieties"

susţinută de Gelu Popescu, Profesor la University of Texas at San Antonio, SUA.
Data: vineri, 10 mai 2019
Ora: 10:00
Locaţia: sala 045C



Innovation Café, held at Techhub Bucharest

The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science attended the 9th edition of the Innovation Café, held at Techhub Bucharest, on 14th of December 2018.
Our Faculty was represented by PhDc. Sebastian Stefaniga, who was speaker in the final panel. He talked about his research experience in studying HPC and medical image processing, but also about the work conducted in implementing the InnoHPC project. Also, Sebastian promoted the InnoHPC Lab, making an overview of the role and characteristics of this platform.
Innovation Café document and program

Geometry and PDEs

Poster Geometry and PDEs 2018
This workshop aims to disseminate recent results and to encourage cooperation among scientists working in Differential Geometry, Differential and Partial Differential Equations in a broad sense.
- Cornelia Vizman (Geometry)
- Petru Jebelean and Călin Șerban (PDEs)

Scientific Seminar - Department of Computer Science - 10 october 2018

10 October 2018, 6PM, room 045C

Tal Pavel, PhD CEO & Founder, Middleeasternet.
Head of Cyber studies, The Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo

Title: "Terrorism and Cyberspace - Ancient ideology modern body"

10 October 2018, 7PM, room 045C

Radu Mariescu Istodor, PhD, University of Eastern Finland

Title: "Inferring the road network from GPS trajectories"


International Symposium on Symbolic and Numeric Algorithms for Scientific Computing

Operator Theory 27

The 27th International Conference in Operator Theory, organized jointly in Timisoara by the Institute of Mathematics Simion Stoilow of the Romanian Academy and the West University in Timisoara, will take place between July 2 and July 6, 2018