Virtual Secretariat

Starting with this academic year 2018-2019, the interface with the students is made only through Info Center. For any type of request, please directly address the Info Center between 8a.m-4p.m (the requests coming from the students will be addressed only at the Info Center, not to the secretary that you have had last year).

The working hours are:

Monday-Friday between 8a.m-4p.m, room 236

(2nd floor, at the Faculty Secretariat).

  • certificates;
  • picking up Student Cards and Travel Passes (for 1st year students);
  • Student Cards and Travel Passes endorsement (for the rest of the students);
  • report cards;
  • others.

To get a certificate from the secretariat, the student goes with his Student card at the Info Center, fills out the request given by the Info Center (just for the certificates with 4 signatures) and submits the request at the Info Center.


The student prints the request from the Faculty Site (click here), fills it out, signs it and then sends it scanned (at Subject write: Release certificate) at: The student will receive a confirmation e-mail.

At the Info Center the requests are accepted and the certificates are released only with the endorsed Student card (in the current year).

The releasing period of the certificates is:
  • The certificates with 2 signatures (signed by the faculty leaders): minimum 24 hours (a day);
  • The certificates with 4 signatures (signed by the university leaders also): minimum 72 hours (3 days).

Types of certificates:

Certificates that contain 2 SIGNATURES Certificates that contain 4 SIGNATURES
Job The County Health Insurance
Hiring Pension Services
Family doctor Allowance from another country
Dorms accommodation European Insurance Card
Deductions Child Protective Services
Another faculty (for the ones that study at 2 faculties) Child Protective Services
Concediu de studii Residence Permit(foreigners)
DRI Police
DPPD Court
Welfare DGASPC
Bank Visas
Summer internship
POSDRU projects
Gas subsidy
Erasmus scholarship
Work and Travel

Program personal Info Centru:

Time slot Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:00-12:00 Eva Muszi Corina Leșeanu Ana Mateescu Violeta Miculescu Anca Eduțanu
12:00-16:00 Ana Mateescu Violeta Miculescu Anca Eduțanu Ana Mateescu Violeta Miculescu